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Social Events

Marlow Riders has secured exclusive use of the Olympic Velodrome "The Pringle" for two sessions on the evening - Friday 8 October @ 18:00 and 19:20  

Tickets go on sale at 17:00 on Saturday 27th Feb

Absolutely no previous experience is required and the sessions are open to all Club speed groups. It really doesn’t take long to get the hang of it and there will be staff on hand to give you help and advice throughout.

The Deal

Each session is for 16 people - first come first served. But we will have a Wait List (see separate “product” in the MR Shop)

The first session starts at session starts at 18:00 and the second at 19:20 - each lasts for 80 mins and you will need to be  at the Velodrome at least 45 minutes before the session starts.

We are aiming the first session at ETs/Jags and the second session at Leopards/Cheetahs but each session can accommodate those from other groups if you would like to attend with somebody from a different group or the times work better for you.

Bikes are provided. You can use your own helmet, gloves and shoes as long as they are Keo cleats. If not they will provide the shoes to clip in (you can also use trainers). 

The cost is £55pp (no food/drinks/snacks in the price) and is payable now and is non-refundable unless somebody else takes your place.I

If you decide you cannot attend the replacement will be from any waitlist there might be and provided your place is filled your monies will be refunded.

COVID - obviously this is based on the roadmap for the relaxation of the current regulations. If we were not able to go ahead due to government regulations there will be a refund. 

Hope to see you there for what should be a great evening!