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London Velodrome Trip 6th December

London Velodrome Trip 6th December


Purchase this item to pay for the trip to the London Olympic Velodrome on Wednesday 6th December. Make sure you read the notes below, especially if you are driving:

Arrival time
Please arrive and report to Lee Valley VeloPark reception by 7pm in time for 8pm start. The session finishes at 10pm.

Coaches and Bike hire
We have 30 riders, and 2 professional coaches, so we will split into two groups of 15 and take it in turns on the track. Bike and helmet hire is included.

Clothing to bring
Riders participating in Track sessions are required to have their shoulders covered and provide track mitts or gloves. Please bring your cycling shoes with Look Keo cleats, you can hire cleats if you don't have them.

How to get here
Please make your own arrangements to get there. I know some will drive and some will take the train. Lee Valley VeloPark is at Abercrombie Road, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20 3AB

Riders directly involved with the booking are entitled to 4 hours free parking from entering the car park. To obtain this free parking period each rider must enter their vehicle registration number into one of the venue's terminals, one being on track centre, at any time during their visit. To avoid getting a penalty charge riders must enter their vehicle registration. If a PCN ticket is issued as a rider has forgotten to or entered in their details incorrectly there is nothing the venue can do. If riders want to stay longer than four hours the parking charges and conditions will apply.